Unlocking The Instagram’s Green Following Button – Guide 2024

You might have seen the green dot near to Instagram User’s name or profile picture which shows the “activity status” of the user, it is known as Instagram’s Green Following Button. The green activity status dot means the user is currently online or has been recently active on the platform. The purpose of launching the activity status is to let the users know if their friends or followers are currently online. These features deliberately improve real-time user engagement. One notable point is that you can only see the activity status of the following:

  • The users you are following on Instagram
  • The people to whom you had sent a direct message
Unlocking The Instagram's Green Following Button

All You Need To Know About the Instagram’s Green Following Button     

The Instagram’s Green Following Button enhances user engagement and improves people’s interaction with their followers and friends. The feature has certain limitations as well. You cannot see the activity status of every user on Instagram rather you can only the activity status of the people you have directly texted in the past or the people you follow on Instagram. To grasp the important aspects of this feature, consider the following:

Green Dot Visibility

Generally, the Instagram’s Green Following Button can be seen near the name or the profile picture of an Instagram user. The green color of the dot shows the person is online or has been recently available on Instagram. The dot will only be visible on the profile that you follow on the platform or the people to whom you have been directly messaging.

Privacy Settings

It is your personal choice if you want other users to know about your activity status. If you don’t want to share your status with other users, Instagram allows you to disable this feature from privacy settings. To disable this feature, go to the Instagram settings, disable “show activity status” and you are done. After changing these settings, no other user will be able to see your activity status.

Importance of Interaction

The activity status check is significant for enhancing engagement among Instagram users in real-time. Without knowing about the activity status of the users, if you try to interact with them then this kind of interaction would create a clear communication gap. On the other hand, you will send a message to the user after knowing its activity status and ultimately you will end up receiving a timely response or remark.

Let’s Explore More About The Green Following Button On The Instagram 

The Instagram’s Green Following Button refers to the users who are your close friends. They might be those people who are in your close circle comprising a restricted group of individuals with whom you are more likely to share your intimate stories and life updates. If you are on someone’s green following list, it means you can access the things that are not accessible to that account’s broader following. In simple words, this feature is just like an additional connection layer normally reserved for the following:

  • Highly Regarded Coworkers
  • Family Members
  • Real-Life Friends

Why Do We Need The Instagram’s Green Following Button? 5 Big Reasons

In the digital world, we normally lack such a connection layer with our close ones similar to the one we enjoy in real life. All of us have some private gatherings and spaces to live our lives explicit, frank, and intimate. Consider the following reasons in this regard:

  1. This feature allows the users to have a more personal networking environment.
  2. This feature allows you to share intimate, frank, and explicit content with your close circle instead of sharing everything to the general public. 
  3. The green following mark serves as a social validation sign for several users.
  4. It shows a degree of trust and connection between the account holder and the follower.
  5. It can make you an active user of Instagram participating in digital lives. 

A Step By Step Guide To The Close Friends Feature 

To create a list of your close friends on Instagram, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your Instagram account
  • In the top right corner, find the icon with three horizontal lines, and tap it to open the menu.
  • Select “Close Friends”
  • Click “Add to Close Friends”
  • Add individuals you want to keep in your close friend circle. 

Right after adding your friends to the close friend circle list on Instagram, their profile button starts showing a unique connection with its green color. 

What if You Remove Someone From Your Close Friends List? 

Once you add someone to your close friend’s list, their profile buttons start appearing green. Hence if you remove some users from your close friend list then obviously the color of their profile buttons will return to the original hue. The removed people won’t be able to access the data shared with the close friends circle only. The removed users would be taken by Instagram as the general public. However, a close friend list removal does not affect the overall following status of the user.  

Importance of Green Circle on Instagram

Now after knowing everything about adding and removing individuals from your close friend list, let’s explore the following points to understand the importance of green circle on Instagram:

  • A green circle is a sign that this user has shared a story or something else with its close friend circle.
  • You can anticipate or expect more intimate and customized material when you see a green ring around the profile photo. 
  • The green circle generally invites you to a more personal area of the digital realm on Instagram.
  • A green circle is just another way of giving someone a VIP ticket to the special and designated digital space. 
  • In simple words, the green circle is your close friends’ space where you can share the things that are not meant to share with the general public at large. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Unlocking The Instagram’s Green Following Button

When someone adds you to their close friend’s list, your profile following button will turn green. 

The “Following” on Instagram means that you want to see the shared photos, videos, stories, and other stuff in the account’s feed followed by you. You can interact with the people you follow on Instagram by liking, commenting, and sharing with them the things you want.  

The green button is an indication that someone has added you to their close friends list on Instagram.

Yes, you can easily remove an individual from your close friend’s list from the settings by selecting the individual you want to remove.

No, this is a dedicated feature for your close friends and it won’t affect your overall follower count on Instagram.

Navigate to your Instagram account > Go to settings > disable the “show activity status” option from privacy settings. 

No, it would be visible only to those individuals who are added to your close friend’s list.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, it can be said with utmost confidence that the green following button helps people engage in real-time, and provides a more personal digital space, allowing close friends to interact and share personal sort of stuff with frankness and love without sharing such data with the public at large. This feature not only brings friends, and family closer in the digital realm but also makes tem feel important and precious.

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